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Comprehension: Reading to grasp words meanings in various contexts.

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Contextual Usage of Words

The passage in unit 8 page 133 makes comparison between men and women from some findings, it is concluded that men interrupt discussion more than women.  Also, it’s recorded that certain men consistently dominate talk in any conversation.

Words can give various meanings in various contexts, for example; the word ‘man’ can be used to have various meanings in various context e.g. That man is my father. ‘man’ in this context means an adult male human being.



State the synonyms of the following:

  1. Appreciate
  2. Debt
  3. Forgiveness


He was assigned to man  the gate of the company. ‘man ‘ here means guide, He is to  man  the office ‘man’ here means take charge, or manage.

In the passage read, the word ‘sex’ as used in the passage means ‘gender’.

In another context it could mean an intercourse between a male and a female.

‘leave’ in the first line of the second paragraph means ‘make.’ ‘leave’ could also mean vacate or a short break from work.



Give another word to the underlined words as used in the passage

  1. The woman  railed  profusely when talking
  2. I have walked down the rail  on the stair case
  3. The rail is risky for vehicles to cross



Unit 10 page 162 of the Effective English.

Commonly Misspelt Words

There are words that students easily get confused about in terms of spelling. The words are:

Misspelling                                          Correct spelling

Accomodations                                   Accommodation

Begining                                              Beginning

Clearify                                               Clarify

Continous                                            Continuous

Defiinate                                             Definite

Convenant                                           covenant

Dilligent                                              diligent

Auxillary                                             Auxiliary

Enimity                                               Enmity

Enviroment                                         Environment

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Greatful                                               grateful


EVALUATION: write out the correct spellings of the following words: grammer, guidiance, fourty, intrest, grieivous, mispel, bustop, noticable, ocasion, occured.


  1. The Use of Dictionary

The dictionary is used for the following of purposes: meaning, spelling, pronunciation, usage, stress, collocation, transcription, parts of speech/ word classes etc. consider the word ‘abuse’.

  1. Abuse:
  1. Word class: Noun, Verb.
  2. Transcription: /әbju:s/(N), /әbju:z/(V)
  3. Meaning: misuse, unfair violent treatment insult
  4. Collocation: drug/alcohol/substance abuse


Note: The transcription of the word ‘abuse’ above already include its stress, while the collocation covers its usage as well. The Oxford Advanced Dictionary is used here.



Using a good dictionary, write out the transcription, word class, meaning, stress, collocation/usage of these words: rapport, acquaint. Defer. Solicit, acquiesce, cohere, comply, concur, obsess, and concede.


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