English Language (All Classes)

English Language

Review of Tenses

Tenses occur only in verbs. Tense refers to the changes that take place in the form of the verb to indicate time. Only two tenses, namely the present and the past, can be identified. The Present Tense: The only change that takes place in the form of the verb to indicate the present tense occurs …

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English Language

Vowel and the Consonants

Vowels: There are twenty vowels in the English Language. They include twelve pure vowels and eight diphthongs. Pure vowels /i:/ Seat, Cheap, Sheep /i/ sit, chip, ship /e/ set, bread, friend /ᴂ/ Sat, Chat, match /a:/ Far, pass, father /ɔ/ Dog, hot, what /ɔ/ port, Lord, ward /u/ full, pull, would /u:/ fool, pool, coup …

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English Language

Requirement of the Examination on Orals

The aspects of oral English tested in the examination include the following: vowels, consonants, rhymes, word-stress, emphatic stress and phonetic symbols. Vowels: There are twenty vowels in the English language. They include twelve pure vowels and eight diphthongs. Consonants: There are twenty four consonants in the English language. They are classified into three groups, place …

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English Language

Nominalization of Infinitives | Nouns, Verbs & Clauses

Nominalization is the changing of a part of speech into a noun by the addition of a suffix Verbs                                                                                                    Nouns Advise                                                                                                  advice Apologise                                                                                            apology Authorise                                                                                            authority Choose                                                                                                 Choice Fail                                                                                                         failure Fix                                                                                                          fixture Hate                                                                                                      hatred Enjoy                                                                                                     enjoyment Know                                                                                                    knowledge Live                                                                                                        life Oppose                              …

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English Language

Formal & Informal Letters

Formal Letters These are letters we write to people in their official positions. Features of a formal letter Writer’s Address and Date: This is written at the top right hand corner. The date is written beneath the address. Receiver’s Address: This is written at the left hand corner beneath the writer’s address. Salutation: The acceptable …

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English Language

Contrasting stress

The stressing of a particular word more than other words in a sentence is referred to as emphatic or contrastive stress. Such as a stress normally have its implications in terms of the meaning of the sentence. Examples JAMES borrowed the novel (i.e James not anybody else borrowed it) James BORROWED the novel. (i.e. James …

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English Language

Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct Speech: This refers to the quoting by a speaker or writer, of the actual utterance of another speaker or writer. This is usually indicated by the use of quotation marks, opening and closing. Examples Obioma said, ‘I will return next month, by the grace of God.’ In the word of Shakespeare ‘Uneasy lies the …

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English Language

Speech Writing

Characteristic of a written speech Formal Salutation (vocatives); There is always an audience to be addressed. In formal situations, people are usually appointed to perform one function or the other. Social ethics demand that you recognize and accord due respect to those at the high table and other dignitaries present at the occasion. The use …

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Trigonometric functions

Trigonometric functions   See also Logical reasoning Cubic equations and their factorization Factorization of polynomial Polynomials Tangents and Normal to Curves


Register are terms or words that are used in any given field of human knowledge or human Endeavour Register of farm Peasant farming or subsistence farming – Agricultural production for the satisfaction of the farmer’s immediate and extended families Tilling – making sail to be soft so that the preparation of the ridges and mounds …

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English Language


What is an adjective? An Adjective is a word that describes or modifies   a noun or pronoun Types  of Adjectives We have the following types of adjective : Adjective of quality Adjective of number Adjective of Definite number (cardinal and ordinal) Adjective of Definite number Proper adjectives Distributive adjectives Demonstrative adjectives Possessive adjective Companion of …

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English Language


Elements of Composition Elements of composition are the features or characteristics that make up the composition; they are divided into 3 parts which are: (i) The introduction (ii) The body (iii) The conclusion Introduction: is the opening paragraph or the beginning of your composition Body: Is the content of your essay. The content will contain …

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English Language

Members of the family

Members of the family Nephew- A son of your brother or sister Niece-A daughter of one’s brother or sister (or brother-in-law, or sister-in-law) Cousin-the child of your aunt or uncle, (first cousin, full cousin) (cousin brother (male cousin) female cousin) Father-in-law – the father of your spouse Mother-in-law –the mother of your spouse Spouse- A …

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English Language


A pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun. Underline the pronouns in these sentences. John is a boy He is in the class Nike is a girl She is at home They are brother and sisters We know them very well   Words that stand for males are masculine gender so …

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English Language

Essay-Meaning and Definition

What is an essay? An essay is a written composition of moderate length explaining   a particular issue or subject matter. In writing an essay, we must consider the following types of essays which are  : (a) Narrative essay (b) Descriptive essay (c) Argumentative essay (d) Expository essay Narrative Essay: this is a type of essay …

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English Language

Parts of speech

All the parts of speech are: Noun (2) pronoun                        (3) verbs                              (4)adjective (5) adverb   (6) preposition  (7) conjunction   We shall consider each one, under our grammar lesson Noun- A noun is a naming word. Nouns are the names of people e.g man, woman, Ali etc. names of animals e.g horse, dog, …

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