Vowel and the Consonants

Vowels: There are twenty vowels in the English Language. They include twelve pure vowels and eight diphthongs.

Pure vowels

  1. /i:/ Seat, Cheap, Sheep
  2. /i/ sit, chip, ship
  3. /e/ set, bread, friend
  4. /ᴂ/ Sat, Chat, match
  5. /a:/ Far, pass, father
  6. /ɔ/ Dog, hot, what
  7. /ɔ/ port, Lord, ward
  8. /u/ full, pull, would
  9. /u:/ fool, pool, coup
  10. /Λ/ fun, cut, tongue
  11. /ᴈ:/ first, nurse, word
  12. /ə/ again, away, forget


  1. /ei/ eight, gate, stable
  2. /əv/ go, boat, toe
  3. /ai/ bite, fight, die
  4. /au/ how, south, doubt
  5. /ɔi/ boy, oil, toy
  6. /iə/ fear, hear, cheer
  7. /eə/ fare, hair, bare
  8. /əu/ sure, poor, tour

Evaluation: Exercise 1, Question C, nos 11 – 20, page 30, Oral English for School and Colleges.

Consonants: There are twenty-four consonants in the English Language. They are

  1. /p/ People, deep, stipend
  2. /b/ ball, debate, mob
  3. /t/ take, mistake, boat
  4. /d/ do, admit,mad
  5. /k/ can, kettle, suck
  6. /g/ gun, bag, again
  7. /ts/ church, watch, butcher
  8. /d ɜ/ judge, joy, bridge
  9. /f/ fever, safe, father
  10. /v/ voice, revise, involve
  11. /θ/ thank, both, thorough
  12. / /  that, mother, breathe
  13. /s/ sun, miss, messenger
  14. /z/ zoo, wise, bags
  15. /j/ shirt, wish, mission
  16. / dɜ/ measure, pleasure, vision
  17. /h/ house, hurry, rehearse
  18. /m/ man, remember, warm
  19. /n/ name,   renew, tan
  20. /ɳ/ going, doing, tongue
  21. /l/ late, little, tibe
  22. /r/ write, rat, worry
  23. /w/ worry, reward, worship
  24. /j/ yam, yes, duty

Evaluation: Exercise 1, question A nos 1 -10, page 67, Oral English for Schools and Colleges

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