Nominalization of Infinitives | Nouns, Verbs & Clauses

Nominalization is the changing of a part of speech into a noun by the addition of a suffix

Verbs                                                                                                    Nouns

Advise                                                                                                  advice

Apologise                                                                                            apology

Authorise                                                                                            authority

Choose                                                                                                 Choice

Fail                                                                                                         failure

Fix                                                                                                          fixture

Hate                                                                                                      hatred

Enjoy                                                                                                     enjoyment

Know                                                                                                    knowledge

Live                                                                                                        life

Oppose                                                                                                opposition

Obey                                                                                                     obedience

Secure                                                                                                  security

Rob                                                                                                        robbery

See                                                                                                        sight

Speak                                                                                                    speech

Serve                                                                                                    service

Think                                                                                                     thought

Strike                                                                                                    stroke

Weight                                                                                                 weight

  1. Non-Restrictive Clause: In the non-restrictive, th clause provides additional information to the subject and is marked with commas.


  1. The young lawer, who is 25, gave the closing remark.
  2. The house, which has been renovated, looks very new.
  3. The book, about which so much has been said, is not interesting.
  4. The principal, who I told you about, is a sadist.
  5. My brother, who lives in Abuja, visited me last week.

Hints on writing essays in the examination

Every type of writing demands distinctive style and approach. Candidates are expected to be able to write the following kinds of essays; narrative, descriptive expository argumentative.

Hints on Essay Writing

  1. Treat as many ideas in relations to the topics as can be discussed within the time allowed.
  2. Even though the ideas may be old, they should be presented in a new perspective in view of human development, and in an orderly manner.
  3. The language used in writing should be appropriate and clear to the reader.
  4. Due emphasis should be placed on correctness of language.
  5. There should be neither bias nor overzealousness in the writing.
  6. Keep within the time allocated for the essay.

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