Communication Techniques

Communication is the process of giving, receiving and understanding messages. It involves exchanging ideas, understanding, listening, expressing oneself, talking and using body language, facial expression and a host of other behaviours.

Types of communication:

1.Verbal Communication; This is one of the most common ways of c communication which involves sending or receiving information through talking, singing story telling etc.

2. Non-verbal Communication; This type of communication sends and receives information through pictures, facial expression, acting and use of body language.

Communication Skills

Communication skills could be leant so as to be able to communicate effectively. This could be done through:

  1. Active listening skills
  2. Using the ‘I’ statement so that one can express how he or she feels.
  3. Paraphrasing what the speaker is saying to ensure understanding.
  4. Boldness; avoiding being shying or soft spoken.
  5. Knowledge; having relevant facts in issues to be discussed.
  6. Expressing feeling honestly and clearly without putting the other person down
  7. Offering possible non-verbal message such as a smile or touch.

Importance of Honest Communication about Pubertal concerns to responsible parents.

When we communicate about pubertal concerns to our parents, we stand to gain the following:

  1. It help us to learn about ourselves as males and females
  2. It gives us opportunity to know how our parents feel about us.
  3. It enhance healthy relationship within our family
  4. It help us to make good decision and increase our self esteem
  5. It boost our knowledge and understanding about pubertal health (hygiene during puberty) month and facts about puberty and give us a level of acceptance of ourselves.


1.Which one of the following is not the importance of honest communication about pubertal concerns to responsible parents. helps to learn more about self enhances healthy relationship with family destroys self esteem boosts knowledge and understanding ab out pubertal changes.

2.Sending and receiving information through pictures, facial expression, action and code language is ——-

  1. direct communication b. indirect communication c. verbal communication d. non verbal communication

3.Characteristics of good communication are these except—

  1. active listening b. simple language c. eye contact d. noise making

4.Conversation fillers that must be avoided during conversation include—

  1. eye contact b. body language c. write down d. putting hands into pocket

1.Define communication and state the two types of communication.

  1. What are the communication skills for effective communication.

3.Explain five importance of honest communications about pubertal concern to parents

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