Latin Expression used in English

Latin Expression used in English 

Lating was the language of the ancient Romans. Nowadays, few people in Europe elsewhere learn Latin, but until the past 70 years or so, it was a language learn I virtually every educated person.

Here are some Latin expressions that are part of the English language ad hoc: Intended for a particular purpose ad infinitum: for ever

ad nauseam: to the point of making one sick

bona fide: genuine

Curriculum vitae: a summary of a person’s qualifications and career, used to support an application for a job.

De facto: in practice

De jure: by right

Et cetera: and the rest

Exempli gratia: for the sake of an example, generally abbreviated to e.g. ex officio: by the virtue of one’s position

Id est: that is, often abbreviated to i.e impromptu: unprepared in extremis: in extreme conditions persona non grata: an unwelcome person ultra vires: beyond one’s powers, said when a person in authority does something which he is not allowed to do.


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