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    Similarities between men and women

    Men and women are created by God to perform certain tasks and duties on earth. However, in every society and culture, men and women have various roles to play, as determined by nature. Men and women are similar in the following ways:

    1 They are both human beings.

    2 They both have the ability to think and make meaningful decisions.

    3 In this modern world, men and women have the potential to reach any height in politics, academics, religion, and other fields of endeavor.


    Men and women are, however, different in some ways. The following are some of the ways in which men are different from women:

    1 Men usually have stronger muscles than women.

    2 Men have deep voices while most women have soft voices.

    3 Men grow beards and moustaches while most women do not.


    Traditional roles of men and women in society

    By nature and by tradition, men play very crucial roles in society. These roles include the following:

    1 One of the traditional roles of men is to provide the family needs, such as food, clothes and shelter.

    2 It is also the duty of men to provide security for their families.

    3 The man also takes important decisions on matters affecting the family.

    4 The man, as the head of the household, leads and guides members of the family.

    5 The man also guides the family in spiritual matters.


    Women also play some crucial roles in society

    1 The traditional role of women in society is to take care of the house and cook for the family.

    2 Women also perform other duties, such as keeping the environment clean, sweeping the house, and washing clothes and plates.

    3 Women also give moral support to members of the family.

    4It is also the traditional role of women to take good care of the children, and make sure they are morally upright.


    The changing role of women in present day society

    The world is changing because of Western influences, modern technology, education and the mass media.

    In present day society, therefore, the traditional role of women has changed. For instance, the economic situation has made it necessary for women to work for money instead of staying at home as full-time housewives.


    As a result of this, women nowadays perform the role of men by providing food, shelter and clothes for the family. The awareness campaign made by government, as well as local and international organizations, on the need to raise the status of women in our society, has led to the changing roles of women in our society.


    Women are now found in various positions and occupations, which were only for men in the past. Such occupations include medicine, engineering, and the forces (such as the police and the army).In the area of government and politics, women now contest with men for political offices, like those of the president, governor, senator, local government chairman and councilor.


                Strategies & Activities

    Step: Teacher revises the previous topic.

    Step 2: Teacher introduces the new topic.

    Step3: Teacher explains the new topic.

    Step4: Teacher welcomes pupils questions.

    Step5: Teacher evaluates the pupils


    Assessment & Evaluation

    1. List ways in which men and women are the same, and the ways in which they are different.
    2. 2 list the traditional roles of men and women in society.
    3. list the changing roles of present day women in society.
    4. Identify some problems of inequality



    Write three (3) problems of inequality faced by women in society.

    Mention six (6) occupations that were previously for men in society.

    Explain one (1) important point in Unit 3, that has resulted in the changing roles of women in society.

    Mention two (2) factors that have caused the changing roles of women in society.


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