Traffic means the movement of air – crafts, ships and vehicles from place to another. It also means the movement of people and goods from one place to another through the aid of vehicles, ships, trains and air-crafts. Traffic rules and regulations are laws governing the movement of people and goods, vehicles, ships, trains and air crafts. When people obey the rules guiding traffic, accidents will be reduced on our roads.


Some of the rules and regulations guiding the road users including the following:

  1. We should respect road signs and traffic lights at all times.
  2. We should always wear boringly white coloured dress while walking in the dark.
  3. Pedestrians should always use the foot path or pavement while on the road.
  4. Children/people should always keep to extreme right of the road.
  5. One should look both left and right properly before crossing the road.
  6. Motorists should keep a modest speed limit.
  7. Motorist must always use their seat belt while on traffic/the road.
  8. When driving, drivers must put children under the age of 12 at the back seat.
  9. Motorist should put their vehicles in good condition before embarking on any journey.
  10. Children below age 18 should not drive vehicle on public highways.
  11. Motorist and pedestrians should be careful white on the road.
  12. Motorist should/must have valid license(s) to prevent arrests.
  13. Motorists should not overtake other vehicles at corner as it could be dangerous


Causes of Road Accidents

  1. Carelessness of all road users could cause road accidents
  2. Dangerous crossing of the pedestrian could cause accidents.
  3. Walking on the middle of the road could also cause road accident.
  4. Over speeding of the motorist could cause accidents.
  5. Brake failure and over confidence of the driver can cause accident.
  6. Indiscriminate parking on the road could cause accidents.
  7. Abuse of drugs and drunkenness of the road users (motorists) could cause road accident.
  8. Bad weather such as (cloudiness) fogs, heavy rainfall and storm can cause accidents.
  9. Bad road such as potholes, dangerous corners.
  10. Lack of respect for traffic rules and illiteracy of some motorists could also cause road accidents.
  11. Tiredness of the driver after long cause journey without taking rest could cause accident.



  • Define traffic
  • State five (5) causes of accidents
  • Mention five (5) rules of the traffic.


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