English Language

English Language

Latin Expression used in English

Latin Expression used in English  Lating was the language of the ancient Romans. Nowadays, few people in Europe elsewhere learn Latin, but until the past 70 years or so, it was a language learn I virtually every educated person. Here are some Latin expressions that are part of the English language ad hoc: Intended for […]

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English Language


The stressing of a particular word more than other words in a sentence is referred to as emphatic or contrastive stress. Such as a stress normally has its implications in terms of the meaning of the sentence. Examples JAMES borrowed the novel (i.e James not anybody else borrowed it) James BORROWED the novel. (i.e. James


English Language

Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct Speech This refers to the quoting by a speaker or writer, of the actual utterance of another speaker or writer. This is usually indicated by the use of quotation marks, opening and closing. Examples Chuks said, ‘I will return next month, by the grace of God.’ In the word of Shakespeare ‘Uneasy lies the

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English Language


A clause is a group of words with finite verb. A clause should have a subject and a predicate. e.g. John bought a piece of land. Subject: John Predicate – bought a piece of land   Types of Clause There are two types of clauses. Independent clauses: These are also called main or principal clauses.

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English Language

Speech Writing

Characteristic of a written speech Formal Salutation (vocatives); There is always an audience to be addressed. In formal situations, people are usually appointed to perform one function or the other. Social ethics demand that you recognize and accord due respect to those at the high table and other dignitaries present at the occasion. The use

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