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English Language

Tenses | The Present Tense

Tense is a grammatical category of verbs used to express distinctions of time.  We shall look at the present tense. The present tense is used to show an action that occurs always or an occupation. For example – I live in New York. The moon goes around the earth. He eats rice every day. EVALUATION: …

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English Language


Folktales are stories that are made up long ago to teach people and children how to live good lives and how to live wisely.  These stories are usually about animals (fables), birds, fish or insects that think and talk like human beings.  The stories are often amusing so that we enjoy hearing and reading them. …


English Language


A formal letter is an official letter or business letter written to those in places of authority. A SAMPLE LETTER THAT CONTAINS ALLTHE FEATURES OF FORMAL LETTER Question          –           Write a letter of permission to be absent from school to the principal. Answer 7, Olanrewaju Street, Oke – Odo, Agege, Lagos. 27th November, 2018. The …


English Language


Read the following passage carefully and do the exercise on it: The dog is a domestic animal whose usefulness is rarely appreciated by man.  It is not an ordinary animals. The dog is very loyal to man no matter the situation, the dogs remains faithful to man.  The popular saying in a marriage ceremony “for …


English Language

Adverbials (Frequently and Manner)

Adverbs are words that adds more information to a verb, to an adjective and to another adverb.  We shall be looking at only two types of adverbs in this lesson: – Adverb of manner:- Which is used to show how an action is done e.g. fast, slowly, badly, well e.t.c. Sentence          –           (i)  It all …

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English Language

Contrast of pure vowel /u/ /u:/D/

What is a vowel sound?  A vowel sound is a speech sound that is made with the vocal that being opened. We shall be contrasting three monothongs or pure vowels which are /u/, /u:/ and /D/ /u/                    /u:/                   /D/ Bull                 brute                cost Book               boom               cot Cook               two                  fog Cold                crew                stop Foot                 blue                 loss CLASS …

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English Language

Consonant /m/, /n/ and /⌡/

These sounds are called nasal sounds. The nasal sound in English are consonants which are produced when the soft palate is lowered to close the oral cavity so that airstream passes through the nasal cavity. The nasals are /m/, /n/ and /J/ and they are all voiced. The lips are closed while the soft palate …

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English Language

Consonant Sounds /k/ and /g/

/k/ – To produce, the back of the tongue makes contact with the velum. This contact results in a total obstruction of the flow of air. The air pressure which builds up in suddenly released with an explosive sound. The glottis is open so that the local cord do not vibrate as /k/ is produced. …

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English Language

Narrative Essay | MY LAST BIRTHDAY

My Last Birthday Birthdays have always held a special place in my heart. They are a time of celebration, reflection, and gratitude. Each year, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of my birthday, eagerly awaiting the joyous occasion surrounded by loved ones. However, my last birthday was unlike any other I had experienced before. It was …

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English Language


Punctuation marks is a sign mark used in writing to divide sentence and phrases. 1a. THE COMMA (,): It is used after ‘No’ and ‘Yes’. Example No, they never go to church Yes, we have done the assignment It is used in lists Ade pays tennis, volley ball and football It is used after all …


English Language


For articulation of /s/, the tip and blade of the tongue make light contact with the alveolar fridge while the airstream passes through the groove created by partial obstruction. There is no vibration of the vocal cord as /s/ is produced. It is therefore, a voiceless, plosive, alveolar. The common spelling symbols are: “S” as …

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English Language

Irony, Euphemism and Hyperbole

Irony, euphemism, and hyperbole are all figures of speech that add depth and meaning to language in different ways. Let’s explore each of these concepts: IRONY: 1. Irony: Irony is a literary or rhetorical device in which there is a discrepancy between what is said and what is meant or expected. It often involves a …

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English Language

Expository Essay

What is Expository Essay? Introduction: Expository is a detailed explanation. It is writing that explains a process, an idea, or a feeling. It is somewhat like a descriptive essay in that it contains a great deal of description and also it explains how things work or operate and shows their relation with other things. An …

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English Language


What is Vocabulary? Vocabulary development is the process of learning and expanding one’s repertoire of words and their meanings. It is an essential aspect of language acquisition and communication skills. Developing a strong vocabulary enables individuals to express themselves more effectively, comprehend written and spoken language better, and enhance their overall communication and comprehension abilities. …


English Language

Adverbials and the Present Tense

Adverbials Adverbials play an important role in providing additional information about the actions or events described in a sentence. They can modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, and they often answer questions such as how, when, where, or why. In the context of the present tense, adverbials can further specify the time or manner of …

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English Language

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is one that makes the student carefully consider an issue that has two sides to it and prove that one side has more merit than the other. It is like a debate in which you have to decide the one that has more merit than the other. Generally, topics in this category …

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English Language


Stress is an important feature of speech which creates special problems to many Nigeria speakers of English. In speech sound, there words that are ultered or produced with greater breath effort and muscular energy than the others. Such syllables with greater muscular energy are louder and longer and are therefore said to be stressed. Stress …

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English Language


Hey [Friend’s Name]! I hope this letter finds you well and in high spirits. It’s been ages since we last caught up, and I thought it’s about time I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and filled you in on what’s been happening in my life. First off, let me start by saying …


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