This is the way and manner by which food is dished out and served so that it looks appetizing for the guest to enjoy usually, two or three course meals are served.

Importance of food services

  1. It prevents food wastage.
  2. It makes food attractive and appetizing.
  3. It makes food enjoyable.
  4. It promotes family and social interaction.
  5. It helps in the digestion of food as courses are served in the order the body requires them.

Types of food services include

  1. Family style service: this is when the whole meal is placed on the table at a time and served by the person at the table. This style is very popular in most home because it saves time and energy
  2. Plate service: the food is served on individuals plate in the kitchen then served to the guests. This service is common for wedding, naming, house warming, funeral etc. food wastage is always incurred because some guests may not finish their portion of food.
  3. Compromise service: here the main dish is served on the table by the host while other smaller portions are served from the kitchen. A waiter/ waitress may be used in serving.
  4. English serving; in this style, all the food is served at table by the host/ hostess and other members of the family. It is a pleasing and hospitable form of service
  5. Buffet: in this case, guests serve themselves. It is often called the “do- it – yourself” service. The food and eating utensils are arranged in such a way that is convenient for the guests to move round and serve themselves. This method is very convenient for entertainment when guests cannot be conveniently seated.

Functions of waiters/ waitresses

  1. They serve food and clear the table after eating.
  2. They see that the dining room is comfortable.
  3. They see that food is at proper temperature and is well arranged on the table.
  4. They see that the service of meals is orderly, prompt, inconspicuous and delightful
  5. They should meet any emergency that arises coolly, quickly and quietly.

Qualities of a waiter/ waitress

  1. Should be cheerful and polite always.
  2. Should be neat always.
  3. Smart and skillful in movement.

EVALUATION; – mention and explain types of informal services

ASSIGNMENT: –prepare a typical invitation for a party


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