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There are needs for people of integrity in our society because of the following reason:

  1. The need for community development, only people of integrity will not compromise standard and this can actually bring about growth and development in a community.
  2. To bring about peaceful co-existence into the community, that is only the men and women of integrity could promote peace through.
  3. To harness human and material resources of the community for the welfare of the people living in that community.
  4. To raise people of like mind, people who will go against oppression and dictorship in government.
  5. To foster unity and cooperation among people living in a community.



  1. It make the citizens honest in all aspect of their living
  2. It bring about total commitment in whatever they do
  3. It raises the standard of morality in the society
  4. The society of people of integrity witness rapid development because honest people occupy leadership position
  5. People of integrity produce work of highest quality and posses excellent behaviour
  6. It makes people have confidence in what they do
  7. It provides role model for the coming generation.

Exercise: Write a short note on past five (5) heroes who are people of integrity in Nigeria.



Explain 3 reasons why peoples of integrity are needed in the society.


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