These are phrases in question form which are asked at the end of statement. For example He is going to school, isn’t he ?  He is going to school is a statement while isn’t he? Is the question tag. Question tags are also called question phrases. Auxiliary verbs are usually use in question tags.

Steps in constructing question tags

  1. If the statement is affirmative (positive), the question tag is negative.
  2. If the statement is negative, the question is affirmative.
  3. The tense of the verb in the statement should be used in the question tag.
  4. Pronouns are used in question tags instead of nouns.

An affirmation statement is the one without “not” while a negative statement is the one with “not”

Affirmative statement with negative question tags

  1. She goes to school, doesn’t she?
  2. He has gone to school, didn’t he?
  3. He has gone to church, hasn’t he?
  4. They will go school, won’t they?

Affirmative Auxiliary Verbs turned into negative

Shall                –           Shan’t

Can                 –           Can’t

Must                –           Mustn’t

Could               –           Couldn’t

Might               –           Mightn’t

Should –                     Shouldn’t

Are                  –           Aren’t

Were               –           Weren’t

Ought              –           Oughtn’t


Negative Statement with affirmative question tags

(i)         He is not going, is he?

(ii)        He does not go, does he?

(iii)       He didn’t go, did he?

(iv)       She hasn’t gone, has she?

(v)        They won’t go, will they?


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