A citizen is a full-fledge member of a country. He enjoys all rights in the country as written in the constitution. A non-citizen does not enjoy all the rights citizens enjoy in any country where he/she stays. Citizenship can be acquired through birth, marriage and registration, by descent, naturalization, by honourary titles and dual citizenship.


Rights of Citizens

Rights are privileges individuals enjoyed as guaranteed by law. They are entitlements of citizens which enable them to live useful, balanced and most secured life in the society.

Such rights include the following fundamental human rights:

  1. Right of life
  2. Right to dignity of human person
  3. Right to personal liberty
  4. Right to far hearing
  5. Right to private of thought, conscience and religion
  6. Right to private and family life
  7. Right to freedom of expression and the press
  8. Right to peaceful assembly and association
  9. Right to freedom from discrimination
  10. Right to freedom of movement
  11. Right to education
  12. Right to freedom of speech and publication
  13. Right to work and earn a living.


Duties of Citizens (obligations)

Duties of citizens means the functions and responsibilities of every citizen towards the government. These are roles and functions citizen perform to enable the government maintain peace and protect the welfare of citizens.


The duties of Citizens include:

  1. Protection of public/government property
  2. Contribution to the development of the country
  3. Citizens must ensure the proper upbringing of their children/wards
  4. Citizens must be loyal and faithful to the state (obedience)
  5. Citizen must pay their taxes promptly
  6. Respect the rights of others.
  7. Respect for national symbols
  8. Voting during elections
  9. No citizen should discriminate other citizen based on any reason as provided by the constitution. People should be allowed to reside in any part of the country.



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