Reading for Details and inference.

  1. The word “key “as used in the first paragraph in the passage refers to a fuller degree of physical Health.
  2. Health is being in a perfect state and where the body and mind are active.

Disease is when there is no health, and where one does not maintain perfect health, one welcomes attack by different types of diseases.

  1. The five (S) things that a nurse must be taught are: (i) giving attention to diet (ii) cleanliness (iii) fresh air (iv) rest (v) exercise
  2. A person needs to correct certain injurious habits because bodily healthy must be restored.
  3. A physician fights disease by seeking to maintain and restore health
  4. The right method for avoiding disease is to concentrate on resting or maintaining positive health.

EVALUATION: Give the meaning context or contextual meanings of these words as used in the passage:

  1. Endeavour
  2. Afflicted
  3. Ailment
  4. Concentrating
  5. Adhere
  6. Restoration
  7. Nutrition

Summarizing the story: (page 70) use the questions that follow to make up a list of points for writing a summary of the passage.

Use appropriate linking words and verbs like the ones in these lists

Linking words                                            reporting verbs

Consequently                                            noted

Apparently                                                 observed

Furthermore                                              explained

Finally                                                           maintained.


ASSIGNMENT: summarize the passage in six (6) sentences.

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