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Farm Structures: They are simple erections on the farm site which make farm operations easier and more efficient. Farm structures are common agricultural structures associated with an agricultural use such as growing and harvesting crops, and raising livestock. These structures may include:

  1. Barns
  2. Cold storages for crops grown and raised on site
  3. Riding arenas (riding academies)
  4. Slaughterhouses
  5. Hay or feed storage
  6. Livestock shelter or shade structures
  7. Feed or hay shelter structures
  8. Loafing sheds
  9. Poultry coop
  10. Farm equipment storage


Types of Farm Structures

Farm structures are classified according to their functions and uses.

1.Production Structures  – These are structures which facilitate production processes in the farm. Example are poultry battery cages, fish pond, shelter, rabbit hutches.


2.Structures for Shelter – They are simple farm buildings erected at different points in the farm to provide shelter for rest during heavy rain or when the intensity of the sun is too high. The sturctures are occasionally used as temporary storage.


3.Processing Structures – These are structures designed and constructed to speed up the processing of farm produce. Examples are smoking houses, shelling and hulling barns erected to accommodate processing machines such as grinding machines, feed mills and rice mills


4.Storage Structures – These are structures used for storing producebefore they are ready for sale or used as inputs in the next planting season e.g. silos, cribs, barns, rhumbus.


5.Utility Structures – These structures include well, canals, irrigations, pumping houses.

6.Maintenance Structures – This include workshops for maintenance of farm tools and machineries


Farm Buildings

These are bigger and more elaborate erections which are designed and constructed to serve different purposes.

Types of Farm Building and their Uses

1.Living Houses for the Farmer and Workers – These are houses which provide accommodation for the farmer and his workers. no serious farmer is expected to live outside the farm.

2.Production Houses – Buildings used for production. Examples – poultry house, hatcheries, pens.

3.Storage Houses – These are buildings used for storing farm tools, feeds, chemicals and fertilizers

4.Special Shelters – These building include milking parlour, sick bay, isolation sheds or quarantine houses, abattoir or slaughter houses


Maintenance of Farm Structures

  1. Farmers need to regularly check on the condition of their buildings to maintain building stability and safety.
  2. Repairs should be carried out regularly once wear and tear is noticed
  3. Paints should be used for wooden and metal parts of farm structures that are constantly exposed to rain
  4. Preservatives should be applied to wood to protect it against insects such as termites


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