An interrogative pronoun is used to ask a question.

These pronouns are who, whose, whom, which and what.

Examples: Who is the mayor of this town?

Whose is the red car?

Which is her blouse?

What did she ask you?

Whom should I trust with my secret?


Who, whom, and whose are often used to ask questions.

Hence, they are interrogative pronouns.

WHO is the subject form.

It is used as the subject of a verb.

Examples: Who taught you how to play the guitar? (Who is the subject of the verb taught) WHOM is the object form.

It is used as the direct object of a verb or as the object of a preposition.

Examples: Whom did you meet? (Whom is the object of the verb did meet).

For whom is this trophy? (whom is the object of the preposition for).

WHOSE is the possessive form.

It can be used:

(i) To modify a noun


Whose is umbrella is this? (whose modifies the noun umbrella)

(ii) Alone as the subject or object of a verb


Whose are those water melons? (whose is the subject of the verb are)

Exercise 10

Pick the correct interrogative pronouns from the brackets in the following sentences.

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  1. (Who, Whom) owns that shop?
  2. (Who, Whom) can we ask the way?
  3. (Which, What) did they ask you?
  4. (Which, What) are the objects on the table called?
  5. To (who, whom) does the boutique belong?

Exercise 11

Complete the following sentences with who, whom, or whose.

  1. ________________ knows the origin of the Luos?
  2. ________________ did you ask about it?
  3. To _______________ did you give the letter?
  4. _________________ is the most attractive painting?
  5. _________________ is likely to receive the Chaguo la Teeniez award?
  6. For ______________ did you buy this doll?
  7. _________________ skill in dancing is the best?
  8. _________________ is the officer-in-charge here?
  9. _________________ are you looking at?
  10. _________________ are those healthy Merino sheep?

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