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Definition of Contact and Non – Contact Sports

Contact Sports are sports that allows for partial or full body close interaction between two or more opponents without contradicting the context of fair play. The sports / games allow the opposing players / teams to operate within the same court, field or arena. Examples are football, basketball, handball, boxing, judo, wrestling etc.

Non – contact sports are sports that do not allow partial or full body close interaction between two or more opponents. This is made possible because each player / team operates in their own restricted area, lanes or court.  Examples are table tennis, tennis, badminton, volleyball, swimming, athletics and gymnastics.




No one knows when and where African wrestling started. This is because wrestling has been part of African culture from time immemorial. Various communities or tribes have used wrestling as part of their festivals, moon light plays and initiation ceremonies into adulthood. African wrestling is confided mainly to boys and young men. The greatest wrestler in a community is accorded respect in public places. Traditional wrestling has various names like ijakadi, kokawa, mgba, gidigboe.t.c. An open space of either grass or sand is used. Depending on the number of bouts and the nature of the competition, a space of about 27—30m is adequate. The dress is simply shorts and sleeveless singlet. The Nigerian Amateur Wrestling Association was formed in 1976.



Wrestling is an ancient game, it is one of the oldest sport. Wrestling was highly valued as a form of military exercise without weapons. The first wrestling competition in modern Olympics was held in 1904 in St. Louis. Greco Roman wrestling is the form of amateur wrestling, the wrestlers used only their arms and upper bodies to attack. This type of wrestling forbids attack below the waist. Free style wrestling is the most popular wrestling style in the world. The rules of free style wrestling permits an athlete to use the entire body in the competition. The Greco-Roman style involves take down and pinning the back of the opponent to the floor. In the free style, the wrestlers start in an upright position and one of them tries to pin the shoulder of the opponent to the mat for one second.



Judo is a combat game founded by a Japanese Jigoro Kano in 1878 in an ethical refinement of jujitsu an oriented martial art. Judo became an Olympic sport in 1964 held in Tokyo Japan. The International Judo Federation (I J F) was founded in July,1951. It was officially performed in Nigeria during the 22ndAll African Games in 1972. The Nigerian Amateur Judo Association (N.A.J.A) is the body responsible for its organization in the country and was re-named Nigeria Judo Federation (N J F) in 1993.



  1. Narrate the history of African wrestling.
  2. Narrate the history of Judo in Nigeria.



  1. Contact sport is a sport that involves _______ A. emotional contact mental contact
  2. physical contact D. social contact
  3. Contact sports include all of the following except ______ A. basketball B. judo C. swimming
  4. wrestling
  5. One of the following is an example of contact sports ______ A. swimming B. skipping
  6. gymnastic D. boxing
  7. The local name given to wrestling include the following except ______ A. ijakadi B. kokawa
  8. mgba D. amurele
  9. Who started / developed judo game? A. Fredrick Ludwig John B. Johann Gutnuit C. John BasedowD. Jigoro Kano



  1. Differentiate between contact and non – contact sports
  2. List five examples each of contact and non – contact sports.


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