Examples of Non – Contact Sports

Gymnastics and Swimming

History of Gymnastics

Gymnastics means naked art and it originated in ancient Greece. It is believed that the Chinese were the first people to develop activities that resembled gymnastics. The people that perform it are called ‘The Gymnasts’ and the place where the activities are carried out is known as ‘the gymnasium’. It is an exercise intended to develop strength, power, flexibility and agility. It became an Olympic sport in 1896; the controlling body is Federation Internationale De Gymnastique (F.I.G) with its headquarters in Switzerland Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria (G.F.N) was established in 1975.


John Basedow( 1723 – 1790 )  was  the first European to teach organized gymnastics. Johann Guts Muth published the first book on gymnastics titled Gymnastics for youths. He is referred to as great – grand father of gymnastics. Fredrick Ludwig John established the first gymnastics club called ‘Turnverein’ and invented the parallelbars, still rings, horizontal bars. So, he is known as the father of modern gymnastics.


Nature of Gymnastics

The performance commences when the Gymnast raises his hand to indicate ‘readiness’ and comes to an end when he raises the two hands to signal end of the performance. The grading is done according to how complex the events are.



  1. Where did gymnastics originated from?
  2. Briefly narrate the history of gymnastics.
  3. Explain the nature of gymnastics.
  4. Mention the Europeans that contributed to the development of gymnastics.


History of Swimming

Swimming is an aquatic sport engagedin by all ages like diving, scuba, water polo, sailing, canoeing, fishing, boat regattaetc., for recreation, physical fitness and survival.Carvings of Swimmers were found on rock walls in Libyan Desert dated far back as 9,000 B.C.It was among the sports the Greeks competed for during the ancient and modern Olympic Games.


It became an Olympic event for men in 1896 and for women in1912. Today, it is the second largest sport in the Olympic Games. The world controlling body is Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur (F.I.N.A) in 1908 in London but its headquarters in USA. In Nigeria,people in the riverine areas start swimming from the birth i. e The Ijaws, the Ilajes and other riverine tribes. The Swimming Federation of Nigeria (S.F.N) was formed in 1958.



  1. Swimming originated from whom?
  2. Briefly narrate the history of swimming.
  3. Mention the forms of movement activities performed on water other than swimming.



  1. Non – contact sport is a sport ______ A. that required physical contact B. that does not require any contact C. that is combat in nature D. that involves blocking, grabbling and checking.
  2. The following are examples of non – contact sports except _______ A. tennis B. gymnastics
  3. swimming D.wrestling.
  4. Gymnastics performer is referred to as ______ A.gymnastere B.gymnastor C. gymnast D.gymner.
  1. The Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria (G. F. N) was established in which year? A. 1920 B. 1930 C. 1965 D. 1975.
  2. All the following are aquatic sports except ______ A. swimming B. water polo C. canoeing D.abulagame.



  1. Briefly explain the history of gymnastics and swimming.
  2. Mention three values of gymnastics.


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