Contrasting Vowel /e/ and /Ʒ:/

  1. To pronounce the vowel /e/, the front of the tongue is raised a little from the floor of the mouth. It is also pushed a little to the front.  The tip of the tongue touches the lower teeth.  Read out the following sentences – note the underlined letters.
  2. He said “Let us go home”
  3. My elder brother is the new treasurer
  4. Lanre met his friend at the railway station
  5. To pronounce the vowel /Ʒ:/, like the vowel /^/, the centre of the tongue is raised but the mouth is not as wide open, and /Ʒ:/ is a long vowel.

Read out the following sentences and note the underlined letters (in those words:

  1. This shirt on me in new
  2. In a hospital, you will see doctors and nurses at work
  3. The early bird catches the worm

EVALUATION:  Make your sentences with these words: next, debt, spread, bet, guess

ASSIGNMENT:  Transcribe the following words:  (i) nurse  (ii) hurt  (iii) burst (iv) heard  (v) worm

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