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This coral reef in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area is a rich habitat for sea life. Few creatures make the ice shelves of Antarctica their habitat


What is an Habitat?

A habitat is an ecological or environmental area that is inhabited by human, a particular species of animal, plant, or other type of organism. A place where a living thing lives is its habitat. It is a place where it can find food, shelter, protection and mates for reproduction. It is the natural environment in which an organism lives, or the physical environment that surrounds a species population.


Living place of plants and animals is called Habitat. Habitat can be big or small example forest or a leaf. Different animals and plants require different living conditions to survive examples. To survive, whales need sea water whereas to survive, goldfish need fresh water. Some animals can survive in more than  one habitat and some can survive in one.


Introduction to different habitats

All animals and plants are adapted to the conditions of the habitats in which they live. Example: A rattlesnake could not live in arctic for very long time whereas a Walrus could not live in dessert.

Different types of Habitats

1) Forest Habitat

2) Desert Habitat

3) Water Habitat{Aquatic Habitat}

4) Grassland Habitat

5) Tundra Habitat


Details of Different Types of Habitats

1.Forest Habitat : It is a type of habitat which covers a large area where many trees, plants and animals live.The plants in forests provide shade and protection to many different types of animals


Types of forest

  1. a) Deciduous Forest:   These are forest in cool rainy areas. They can be found in middle of Europe or Eastern half of North America. Animals living in this habitat must adjust to cold winters and hot summers. The trees in the forest provides shelter to them

Examples of animals living in this habitat are

Black bear, Grey squirrel, Turkey, Rat snake

  1. b) Coniferous forest: This habitat is found in Europe, The Northern coniferous forests are called Taiga. This is largest type of habitat in world. It has fewer animals as comparison to in deciduous forest cold weather makes life very difficult in these forests.

Examples of animals living in this habitat: Lynx, Moose, Squirrel, Loon, Hawk owl


  1. c) Rain Forest: Tropical rain forest occurs in regions that are near to equator. In these the climate is very warm with plenty of rainfall. Most of the animals live on trees.

2.Desert Habitat:

Deserts  are characterized by dry conditions and a wide temperature range. These are defined as regions that has a less than 254 mm of annual rainfall or precipitation.


Types of Deserts                                

a.Hot and dry Dessert: Most hot and dry deserts are near the Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn.

b.Cold Deserts: These are near the Arctic part of world. Cold Deserts have animals like Kangaroo rats, Antelope, Jack Rabbits.

Just as some animals prefer to live on land some need water habitat to survive.


3.Aquatic habitat{Water Habitat}
It refers to the region covered with water where plants and animals survive. Aquatic habitat is further divided into freshwater habitat, marine habitat and coastal habitat. Water is the medium for the organisms living in aquatic habitats.

a)Freshwater habitat:  These are the water bodies filled with fresh water. These include rivers, lakes, ponds, streams etc. Water present has very low concentration of salts. Plants growing in water are called as hydrophytes.

b) Marine habitat: Ocean and seas are termed to be marine habitat. These are full with life. Different varieties of organisms exist in marine habitat. Organisms like, corals, shelled animals, sponges, jelly fish, sharks and many others are found in this habitat.

c) Coastal habitat or estuaries: This is the region represented by the place where land meets the sea. Estuaries are formed when the saltwater mixes with freshwater. These habitats are unique Special type of trees called as mangroves are found in this region. Animals are also well adapted to live in these regions.


4.Grassland Habitat: They are big open spaces of grass.about one quarter of land on earth is in grassland.


Types of grasslands

a.Temperature grasslands: They are farther from the equator and have both cold winters and hot summers

b.Tropical grasslands: These are closest to the equator and all hot all the year

Since Grassland lack in trees and heavy bushes Hence grasslands are homes to large herds of the grazing animals such as Bison, Giraffe ,Lion, Zebra, Ostrich

5.Tundra Habitat: The 2 major characteristics of tundra are Arctic tundra, Alpine tundra. These are located at high altitudes on mountains around the world. About one fifth of the earth ‘s land is Tundra. The Arctic tundra is frozen for much of the year. The ground  is permanently frozen 10 feet 3 inches down so the trees cannot grow there.


Animals living in tundra are Lions , Snow birds, Mosquitoes, Flies, Polar bear, Wolves, Flat fish.. Animals are also well adapted to live in these regions.



1.Habitat is a place where ——– a.plants live b.Animals live c.Man and Animals live d.Plants and Animals live

2.Which of the following is not  an aquatic animals?a.Fish  b.Water lilies  c.Crocodile  d.Birds 

1.What is an Habitat?

2.State 5 types of Habitat.

3.Give 5 examples of animals found in each of  Habitat.

  1. Describe the characteristics of each of this Habitat.



What are Arboreal Animals? Give Examples.


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