Gender: Meaning, Roles, Similarities & Examples

Gender simply refers to the sex of an individual that is male or female and the roles the society assigned to it. Gender is the sum of cultural values, attitudes roles, practices, and characteristics based on sex.

Meaning of gender role

This is the role or behaviour considered appropriate for males or females in society.

Gender Similarities

Both male and female have the following in common

  1. They are all human beings with feelings and desire
  2. Apart from the genitals they have similar body parts.
  3. They all go through puberty and share romantic interest in other people.
  4. They will have goals, Capabilities and Characteristics.
  5. They both need to eat and may grow up on the same foods.

Meaning and examples of gender roles:


  1. They converse discipline at home
  2. They are the bread winner of the family
  3. They dominate professions like engineering, Security, Piloting, Boxing etc.
  4. They determine when to have sexual relationship


  1. They are the home makers
  2. They must make themselves physically attractive
  3. They are to wait for male to initiate relationships and sexual advances.
  4. They determinate professions like teaching, nursing etc.
  5. They take care of the children.

Factors that influence gender roles:

  1. Peer influence or friendship.
  2. Religion; through religious books.
  3. Family; through socialization.
  4. School; through academics and school co-curricular activities.

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