Speech Work: Stress Patterns

Identification and examples.

In this lesson, we will explain the morphophonemic approach at identifying a stressed syllable. In this approach, stress placement is determined as a result of the occurrence and arrangement of vowels (short, long, diphthongs) and consonants in syllables.



A   (i) For two syllable vowels, simple adjectives, adverbs and prepositions,

Stress the first syllable when the second syllable contains ashort vowel and one or a final consonant. E.g. ENter, ENvy, Open, Equal.

However, a two syllable verb that ends in the diphthong (әu) is stresses on the first syllable for example FOllow, BOrrow.


(ii) Stress the second syllable if it contains a long vowel or diphthong and ends with more than one consonant. E.g. withDRAW, inVITE, conTACT, aLIVE.


iii) Three syllabled verbs

If the last syllable contains a long vowel, diphthong or more than our consonant stress it. If the last syllable      contains a short vowel or not more one consonant stress the second syllable e.g. resuRRECT, enterTAIN, enCOUNTER, deTERmine

B   (i)         Nouns of two syllables

Stress the first syllable if the second syllable contains a short vowel otherwise stress the second e.g. MOney, PROduct, LArynx, eSTATE, balLOON, deSIGN.

(ii)        Nouns of three syllables

If the last syllable contains a short vowel or the diphthong /әu/, it receives no stress. If the middle syllable contains a long vowel or diphthong or ends with more than one consonant, that middle syllable is stressed e.g. poTAto, diSASter, boNANza, syNOPsis, diSASter, apPOINTment.

If the last syllable contains a short vowel and contains not more than one consonant, stress the first syllable e.g. QUANtity, EXercise, CUStody, SCHOlarship, EMperor, CInema.



Identify 3 guidelines for identifying a stressed syllable


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