Needs are those things we require or crave to have.

Family Needs are the requirement or the necessities required by family members so that they can live conveniently. Family needs can equally be referred tobasic needs.

Wants: They are those things you desire though they are not essential for one’s health and well-being.



  1. Primary Needs: These are the major /basic needs of every family member. Examples of such needs are Food, Clothing and Shelter.
  2. Secondary Needs: These are those needs the family wants and they can still do without them.They are not as important as the primary needs.They are:


Evaluation Questions

  1. Define family needs.
  2. Explain secondary needs and list three of its examples.


Family Goals: Family goals are the ways in which families live and carry out their family vision and mission statement. This is achieved by the family defining who they are and what they want for themselves.

Goals: A goal is your aim or objective in life. Goals are the aims or objectives that we want to achieve and work for. Thus goals grow out of our values, needs and desires. We expect that by accomplishing these goals, we get a sense of achievement, happiness and satisfaction. Just as our values and standards change with time, our goals also keep changing. Some goals are achieved sooner than the others. Some goals are achieved more easily than the others.



  1. Make sure you set smart goals. That is your goals must be:


M– Measurable

A– Attainable

R– Reliable

T– Time bound

  1. Don’t have too many goals at once.
  2. Write out the family goals
  3. Schedule time



  1. It helps in decision making.
  2. It helps the family measure progress
  3. It makes the family undistracted
  4. It motivates the family
  5. It helps the family overcome procrastination.

All of us want to live a peaceful and fulfilling life. We want to get good food, clothing, education and a house for comfortable living. Observe the families living around you. Despite living in the same locality, same kind of house with almost the same amount of income and family size, you will find that some of them are happy and well settled while some are not.

Resources are those things which can be used to meet our unlimited needs. Resources are the means for satisfying our needs and reaching our goals.

Family Resources can be referred to as the sources of supply for what the family needs or wants .This may be human or material.

Resource Managementis the process in which individuals and families use what they have to get what they want.



  1. Human Resource: These are the resources which exist within human. They are personal characteristics available in the home, e.g. are time energy, skill and ability, etc.
  2. Material Resources are resources that exist outside people, but can be controlled, owned or used, by the family. eg. money, properties such as houses cars, etc. .


Evaluation Questions

  1. Define resource.
  2. Classify resources and explain them.



  1. Resources are useful
  2. Resources can be used to fulfill our needs and wants
  3. Resources are limited in supply

4.Resources are inter-related: When you work, you need resources like time, energy, skill, equipment etc. Without adequate supply of time and skill, you will not be able to use your energy to operate the equipment. Thus you will realize that all these resources are used at the same time, because their uses are inter-related.

  1. Resources have alternate uses: Most resources have alternate uses. For example you can use the same time for a number of activities like cooking, studying or watching television.



  1. Planning: Planning is the first step in resource management. It consists of thinking in advance of what needs to be done i.e., planning. A simple way to plan is to make a list of all the things that need to be done. Since certain things have to be done first and others later, arrange them in a proper order or in a sequence, during planning think about the following: – What is to be done? – Who will do the work? – How will it be done? – When will it be done? – What resources will be used?
  2. Organizing: Organizing means assembling resources and fixing responsibilities to carry out a plan. Organizing ensures that all the planned work gets done, there is proper distribution of work, work gets finished on time, time, energy, and other important resources are saved, and your planning is successful.
  3. Controlling: Controlling is also known as putting a plan into action. As the plan is being carried out, you also have to check the progress of your plan. When you do this, you may sometimes find a situation which calls for a fresh decision. For example, suppose you had planned to go on 15th, but find that no ticket is available, what will you do? You may have to decide on one of the following:
  4. Evaluation: Evaluation means checking the progress of your plan and taking corrective measures if needed. Evaluation helps you to understand your weaknesses and mistakes so that it is checked and will not be repeated in future. This is also called looking back or “feedback”.Standards: Standard is an accepted level of quality. Hence it is a measure of values that compel individuals to perform actions that will give the desired satisfaction. Thestandards a family holds are a reflection of the values they have and the aim they have for the future. Some standards affect you alone; others may affect your family and your community. Hence, we should be very careful in selecting our standards. For example, when we hold “cleanliness” as our standard, we should not only keep our house clean, but also the places around our house. We should apply the same standard of cleanliness for our house as well as for our community.


General Evaluation Questions

  1. Define family goals.
  2. Differentiate between want and need.
  3. Mention two uses of gaols.
  4. Define goals and standards.
  5. Mention four characteristics of resources.



  1. …. Is the way the family live and carry out their family vision (a) standard (b) vision (c) mission

(d) goal.

  1. Need is known as (a) what we can do without (b) what we love (c) what we require and crave to

have (d) all of the above.

  1. The following are examples of primary needs except (a) shelter (b) clothing (c) food (d) electricity.
  2. All but one is not an example of secondary needs (a) clothing (b) savings (c) car (d) education.
  3. Goals are important for the following reasons except (a) It helps in decision making (b) It helps the family measure progress (c) It makes one disorder (d) It makes the family undistracted.



1(a). Discuss on the relationship among family needs, goals and standards.

(b). Mention the uses of family needs, goals and standard in resource management.

2. Define goals and standard


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