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English Language

Writing: Article Writing

Definition, Features, Sample Question,Outline An article is a type of writing that is meant to be published in a school magazines, a newspaper or a journal.   Basic Features It must have a heading It must have an introductory paragraph Its body should contain at least three well development paragraphs which should serve as the […]

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English Language

Vocabulary Development: Prefixes

A prefix is a group of letters or syllable which is attached to the front of a root word to form another word which usually changes its meaning.   The following are examples with their meaning. Prefix                    Meaning                     New Words/Derivative un-                         not                               unhappy, untrue dis-                        not                               discomfort, dislike non-                       not                               nonsense, non-smoker mis-                       wrong                          mismanage,

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English Language

Speech Work: Stress Patterns

Identification and examples. In this lesson, we will explain the morphophonemic approach at identifying a stressed syllable. In this approach, stress placement is determined as a result of the occurrence and arrangement of vowels (short, long, diphthongs) and consonants in syllables.   Guidelines A   (i) For two syllable vowels, simple adjectives, adverbs and prepositions, Stress

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English Language

VOCABULARY | Words Associated with Publishing

Publishing: The profession or business of preparing and printing books, magazines, CD-ROMS etc and selling or making them available to the public e.g. Evans Brothers is a reputable publishing company.
Manuscript: Copy of a book, piece of music etc before it has been printed or a very old book or document that was written by hand before printinge.g. The author has sold his manuscript to a publishing outfit.

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English Language

Conditional Clauses | Definition,Types, Examples & Complex Sentence

Content: Definition,Types and Examples A conditional sentence has at least two clauses, one beginning with if (or ‘unless’ which means ‘if …. Not’) Examples: If inflation is high, the value of life insurance policies goes down. Explanation: The ‘if clause’ is the subordinate clause while the result clause is the main clause. The arrangement of

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There is a day that will continue to remain indelible in my memory.  It is the day that i learnt a bitter lesson which i will pass on to my children.  I was then about eleven.  My father and i woke up early so that he could attend the wedding ceremony of one of my

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English Language

Introduction to Diphthongs

A diphthong is a sequence of two vowels.  This means that in order to produce a diphthong, the tongue moves or glides from the position of are simple vowel into the position of another vowel.  We  have eight (8) diphthongs:  /ei/, /Əu/, /iƏ/, /eƏ/, /ƌi/, /ƌv/, /Ɔi/ and /uƏ/.  The following are the various examples

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English Language

Myths and Legends

It is very important to note that myths are stories that are made of long ago to explain something the nature of certain phenomena or why things are the way they are.  For example, people have always asked the question, “How did the world begin?”  people made up stories to answer these questions. Legend is

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English Language

Child Labour and Trafficking

Child labour – is when one subject a child to in human task.  The following are words that are associated with child labour: Sweat shop Slave labour Forced In humane Salt mines Work house Nine Underpaid Trafficking is a (crime).  Dealing illegally e.g. traffic drugs, goods or humans e.t.c These are words that are associated

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English Language

Past Continuous Tense

The past continuous tense refers to an action that was given at a time when another thing happened.  The past continuous tense is formed by using WAS or WERE and continuous tense.  For example: I was eating rice when he entered the room While Kate was selling bread, her sister stole her money The men

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