JSS 1 English Language (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term)

English Language

Tenses | The Present Tense

Tense is a grammatical category of verbs used to express distinctions of time.  We shall look at the present tense. The present tense is used to show an action that occurs always or an occupation. For example – I live in New York. The moon goes around the earth. He eats rice every day. EVALUATION:

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English Language


Folktales are stories that are made up long ago to teach people and children how to live good lives and how to live wisely.  These stories are usually about animals (fables), birds, fish or insects that think and talk like human beings.  The stories are often amusing so that we enjoy hearing and reading them.


English Language


A formal letter is an official letter or business letter written to those in places of authority. A SAMPLE LETTER THAT CONTAINS ALLTHE FEATURES OF FORMAL LETTER Question          –           Write a letter of permission to be absent from school to the principal. Answer 7, Olanrewaju Street, Oke – Odo, Agege, Lagos. 27th November, 2018. The


English Language


Read the following passage carefully and do the exercise on it: The dog is a domestic animal whose usefulness is rarely appreciated by man.  It is not an ordinary animals. The dog is very loyal to man no matter the situation, the dogs remains faithful to man.  The popular saying in a marriage ceremony “for


English Language

Adverbials (Frequently and Manner)

Adverbs are words that adds more information to a verb, to an adjective and to another adverb.  We shall be looking at only two types of adverbs in this lesson: – Adverb of manner:- Which is used to show how an action is done e.g. fast, slowly, badly, well e.t.c. Sentence          –           (i)  It all

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English Language

Contrast of pure vowel /u/ /u:/D/

What is a vowel sound?  A vowel sound is a speech sound that is made with the vocal that being opened. We shall be contrasting three monothongs or pure vowels which are /u/, /u:/ and /D/ /u/                    /u:/                   /D/ Bull                 brute                cost Book               boom               cot Cook               two                  fog Cold                crew                stop Foot                 blue                 loss CLASS

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Register are terms or words that are used in any given field of human knowledge or human Endeavour Register of farm Peasant farming or subsistence farming – Agricultural production for the satisfaction of the farmer’s immediate and extended families Tilling – making sail to be soft so that the preparation of the ridges and mounds

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English Language


What is an adjective? An Adjective is a word that describes or modifies   a noun or pronoun Types  of Adjectives We have the following types of adjective : Adjective of quality Adjective of number Adjective of Definite number (cardinal and ordinal) Adjective of Definite number Proper adjectives Distributive adjectives Demonstrative adjectives Possessive adjective Companion of

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English Language


Elements of Composition Elements of composition are the features or characteristics that make up the composition; they are divided into 3 parts which are: (i) The introduction (ii) The body (iii) The conclusion Introduction: is the opening paragraph or the beginning of your composition Body: Is the content of your essay. The content will contain

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English Language

Members of the family

Members of the family Nephew- A son of your brother or sister Niece-A daughter of one’s brother or sister (or brother-in-law, or sister-in-law) Cousin-the child of your aunt or uncle, (first cousin, full cousin) (cousin brother (male cousin) female cousin) Father-in-law – the father of your spouse Mother-in-law –the mother of your spouse Spouse- A

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English Language


A pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun. Underline the pronouns in these sentences. John is a boy He is in the class Nike is a girl She is at home They are brother and sisters We know them very well   Words that stand for males are masculine gender so

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Literature in English

Introduction to Literature

Literature is the art of composition in prose and verse literature mirrors life and the society. There are three (3) genres of literature which are: Drama (b) Prose (c) Poetry.   The purpose of Literature Literature seeks to correct the vice in the society Literature preserves the culture and tradition of the individual and society.

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English Language

Essay-Meaning and Definition

What is an essay? An essay is a written composition of moderate length explaining   a particular issue or subject matter. In writing an essay, we must consider the following types of essays which are  : (a) Narrative essay (b) Descriptive essay (c) Argumentative essay (d) Expository essay Narrative Essay: this is a type of essay

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English Language

Parts of speech

All the parts of speech are: Noun (2) pronoun                        (3) verbs                              (4)adjective (5) adverb   (6) preposition  (7) conjunction   We shall consider each one, under our grammar lesson Noun- A noun is a naming word. Nouns are the names of people e.g man, woman, Ali etc. names of animals e.g horse, dog,

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English Language


Speech involves language sounds which are associated with meaningful sounds that come out of the mouth (human mouth) and they are known as speech sounds. What is articulation? Articulation is the movement of the vocal organs to produce speech sounds the vocal organs are then referred to as “articulators”    PURE VOWEL SOUNDS (MONO THRONGS)


English Language


Diphthongs: The word ‘diphthong’ is from a Greek word, which means double sound. They are also vowels. The difference is that while a pure vowel contains only one sound, a diphthong contains two sounds with a glide from the first vowel.   /ei/ as found in rain /ᶕu/ as found in spoke /ai/ as found


English Language


FUTURE TENSE: SIMPLE FUTURE No change occurs in the simple form of the verb in the expression of the future, but English has a few ways of indicating futurity. By using the modal auxiliary verbs ‘shall’ and ‘will’ e.g I shall travel soon. You will see me again.   By using the form ‘be going’


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