Graphics: CorelDraw, Examples & Features

Computer Graphics refer to visuals generated using computers and encompass the creation, representation, and manipulation of image data through computational means.

Examples of Graphics Software Packages

  1. Paint
  2. CorelDraw
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Harvard Graphics
  5. Print Master
  6. Ventura
  7. Photoshop Pro
  8. Adobe PageMaker

CorelDraw Environment and its Features

Title Bar:

The title bar displays the name of the active CorelDraw file and facilitates window repositioning.

Menu Bar:

With 11 pull-down menus, the menu bar contains all command options.


Rulers aid in positioning and sizing, are optionally toggleable, and guidelines can be dragged off for assistance in the drawing.

Scroll Bars:

Horizontal and vertical scroll bars allow shifting of the page view.

Drawing Windows:

The primary drawing area is the large white screen space, with a shadowed rectangle representing the printable page.

Roll-up Windows:

The Transform (Position) roll-up, situated on the left, offers dynamic control over CorelDraw operations, serving as a quicker alternative to invoking standard menu dialogue boxes.

Status Bar:

The status bar showcases fill patterns, outline location, object movement, and absolute coordinates of selected objects.

Colour Palette:

The colour palette enables swift application of coloured fills or outlines. Expanding the palette offers an extended range of colours.

Page Counter:

CorelDraw supports multi-page drawings, displaying the total page count along with navigation arrows.

Standard Toolbar:

The toolbar provides convenient access to commonly used features, many of which can also be accessed through the Menu Bar. CorelDraw offers various customizable toolbars, with the option to add buttons for frequently used commands.

Note: Keyboard shortcuts can often expedite actions more than toolbar usage. Once memorized, they streamline tasks:

  1. Ctrl + S = Save
  2. Ctrl + P = Print
  3. Ctrl + Z = Undo
  4. Ctrl + X = Cut
  5. Ctrl + C = Copy
  6. Ctrl + V = Paste

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