Kinds of Sentences | Simple, Multiple, Compound & Complex

STRUCTURE: Kinds of Sentences

Simple Sentence

Compound Sentence

Compound / Complex  Sentence


A Sentence is a group of words that contains a subject and verbs / and expresses a complete sense or thought.

Types of Sentences

(1) Simple Sentence

This contains one subject and one predicate or verb. It is made up of one main clause. Simple sentences can be long, but each has only one subject and verb unit.

The woman ran.

He is in the room.

The thief has been caught

(2) Compound Sentence

This contains two main clauses linked by coordinating conjunctions like and, but, or etc

Main clause Conjunction Main clause
The work stops but the tools are kept handy.
Ngozi found the goat and she took it to her mother.

(3) Multiple Sentence

This contains more than two main clauses linked by co-ordinating conjunctions.

Main clause 1 Main clause 2 Conjunction Main clause 3
The child climbed onto my lap, urinated on my trousers and smiled at me happily.
The choirmaster returned from the church and (conj) asked for his flute but it could not be found.

(4) The complex Sentence

This contains one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses.

Subordinate clause Main clause
When it rains, he does not go to work.


Main clause Subordinate clause
Grace did not do the assignment which the English teacher gave her.

(5) The Compound-Complex sentence

This is made up of two or more main clauses and at least one subordinate clause.

Main clause 1 Subordinate clause Conjunction Main clause 2
The work stops when it rains but the tools are kept very handy.

Format (Sample Outline)

An expository essay is one that requires you to explain a thing or a process fully. The explanation demands writing a great deal about what distinguishes the subject of the essay from all other things. It may also involve some description.

Sample Outlines on Expository Essay

Write an article for publication in one of your local newspapers on the need to improve sanitation in your area.


Introduction: The state of sanitation/definition

The need for sanitation

The first way to improve (detailed)

The second way to improve (detailed)

The third way to improve (detailed)

Conclusion: Hope that the new measures offered will be used


“A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”

Write an article to illustrate this saying

Introduction: Say who your friend is

How friendly you are

Another proof that you are good friends,an incident to prove the saying



Write an expository essay on “Honesty is the Best Legacy”

Reading Assignment

Countdown by Evans page19-21



Stock Exchange is a market where those who wish to buy or sell shares, stocks and government bonds, debentures and other securities can do so through only members of the stock exchange. The stock exchange provides the essential facilities for company and government to raise money for business expansion and development projects through investors who own shares in companies.

Some relevant words:

Stock broker: One who operates in the stock exchange market by linking buyer and sellers of securities.

Security: A paper asset including government debt, company shares and company debt

Stock: This is synonymous to shares

Stock exchange: An institution through which shares are traded/ it is a security market

Bond: A security with a redemption date over a year later than its date of issue.

Shares: Any of the equal, usually small, part into which a company’s capital stock is divided.

Share certificate: A certificate specifying the number of shares owned by a person or a company,

Bond: A certificate issued by a government or a company promising to pay back borrowed money on a specific date.

Debenture: A certificate that acknowledges the existence of a debt of a particular amount owed to somebody.

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