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The passage is about the Jews who looked at Abraham as their father. He made a covenant with God. The Jews were once enslaved by the Egyptians. The Jews moved to their country (Canaan) and later began to travel to other countries where they settled and became successful. Their main belief is that there is only one God.


Definition of Adjective

Adjective phrases

Adjective: It is a word that qualifies/modifies the noun or pronoun. Adjectives can be identified by certain suffixes like:

able– drinkable

ful-  successful

Adjectival Phrase

It is a phrase that does the work of an adjective in a sentence i.e. It qualifies or describes a noun or pronoun.


The man with the red hair is my brother. (Prepositional Phrase /  an adjective phrase qualifying  man)

The beautiful girl has been kidnapped  (Adjective  qualifying the noun “girl”)

A person bringing  goods news is always welcome (Participial phrase  as adjective phrase qualifying  “man”)

He is a man of great wealth. (prepositional phrase as an adjective phrase qualifying man)

The woman  standing over there is our new principal .  (participial phrase as adjective phrase qualifying  woman)

The boy selling garri is my brother (Participial phrase as adjective phrase as  qualifying “boy”

We all admire a person of courage  (adjectival phrase)

I know a girl who has strange appetites.  (adjectival phrase qualifying the “girl”)

The student forgot to bring back the bag that I gave her. (Adjectival phrase qualifying  bag)

The coat  made of cotton  is very lovely (Adjectival phrase qualifying coat)


Writing Argumentative


An argumentative essay is one that requires you to present a subject with a view to persuading your reader to agree with your own point of view against another one.

The scope and Methods

It is necessary to give a clear intelligent definition of subject of discussion so that your reader is in no doubt about what you want to write about. Then, proceed to give points to support your view.

Consider the following questions:

Write an essay setting out your argument either in favor or against the following topic: Co-education should be encouraged in secondary schools

Write an essay setting out your argument both for and against the following topic: Co-education should be encouraged in Secondary Schools

Write an essay setting out your argument to justify the following topic: Co-education should not be encouraged in secondary schools?

In (i) and (ii) you are expected to write on one side of the topic. Although in (i) you are given a choice to make between writing for or against, there is no such in three. On the other hand, (ii) demands that you write on the two sides of the topic.

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