Reading Skills, Vocabulary Development & Emphatic Stress




Comprehension simply means understanding

Basic Guide

Carefully check the instructions you are given.

Read the passage through very quickly to grasp the general sense idea

Quickly look at the questions thoroughly and keep them in mind.

Read through the passage again more slowly trying to understand the details as well as meanings of most of the words

Answer the questions

Limit your answer only to the information provided in the passage. Avoid including materials not found in the passage i.e. extraneous materials.

Test on Synonyms or equivalent meaning

Synonyms for the word costly include: expensive; extravagant, precious

The substitute must fit into the passage perfectly if the original word is removed.

A plural noun or verb requires a plural substance, and a singular noun or verb requires a singular substance e.t.c. The substitute, you provide must be of the same grammatical category as the original word or phrase e.g.

The car gets (singular present tense) here at 3.00 p.m.

The correct substitute arrives (also singular present tense) not arrived

Put down a number with five digits.

The correct substitute for digits is figures and not figures.


Relevant words

Religion is the belief in the existence of a god or gods, and the activities that are connected with the worship of them.

Relevant words

Atheist A person who believes that there is no God.
Crucifix Cross with the figure of Jesus Christ crucified on it
Doctrine What is taught as the belief of, for example, a religious, political or scientific body of persons?
Ethics Moral principles by which a person or group is guided.
Worship Take part in a religious ceremony in which reverence is paid to God or a god; the religious ceremony itself.
Supernatural Things that cannot be explained by the laws of science  and seems to involve gods or magic
 Clergy  A group of people ordained for Christian religious service.


Others are trinity, denomination, inter-denomination, creed, pew, benediction, monotheism, processional hymn, recessional hymn, warden, protestants, orthodox churches, and Pentecostal churches.


The emphatic stress


The stressing of a particular word more than other words in a sentence is referred to as EMPHATIC STRESS


Consider the following sentences and notice how its meaning changes according to the word that has been stressed

JAMES borrowed the novel (i.e. James, not anybody else borrowed the novel.)

James BORROWED the novel (i.e. James didn’t, for example, steak or buy the novel; he borrowed it)

James borrowed the NOVEL. ( i.e. James borrowed the novel, not the magazine, not the journal e.t.c.

Test on emphatic stress requires the candidate to select the question to which the given sentence is the appropriate answer. An example is given below:

Example: My mother’s FRIEND hates pets.

Does your mother’s boss hate pets?

Does your mother’s friend love pets?

Does your mother’s friend hate pets?

Does your father’s friend hate pets?

The correct answer is A.

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